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Leak Detection Services

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» Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection investigations provide valuable information about the viability and condition of water distribution systems and pipelines. Leak Detection programs are a cost-effective way to conserve water, save lost revenue, and control unnecessary costs. Early detection of leaks reduces the possibility of public health risks and the potential for major property damage.

New York Leak Detection, Inc. (NYLD) performs full or partial system surveys, assists with pinpointing isolated leak locations, and provides emergency leak detection services. NYLD also specializes in conducting leak detection surveys on new pipeline installations and fire protection systems (see Pipeline Testing and Fire Flow Testing).

NYLD has successfully completed comprehensive leak detection surveys on water systems ranging from under 1 mile to over 1,000 miles. NYLD prepares leak survey summary reports that provide our customers with valuable information on the type of leak, location, classification, and quantity of non-revenue water loss.

Acoustic leak detection is a non-intrusive method of "listening" for water leak sounds in underground, pressurized pipes when there is no obvious evidence of water surfacing in a yard or flowing on the street.

Visual leak detection practices ensure any leaks in remote areas do not go undetected. When surface water is found in the area of the water system, chlorine and fluoride tests are conducted to differentiate system leaks from water originating from underground springs, rain water, or ground water.

Leak sounds are pinpointed to the closest probable location using state-of-the-art computerized correlation technology and verified with additional crossover technology.

Leak detection surveys provide a better knowledge of the location of valves and mains to allow utility personnel to react quickly when emergencies occur. Information gathered during leak detection surveys can also be used to verify and update system maps.

Routine municipal leak detection surveys play an integral role in the maintenance of water distribution systems. Utilities can minimize unaccounted for water loss and recover lost revenue. Maintenance crews provide visual assurance that the system is being maintained thus giving the public a good feeling about where they live.

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