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Complete Field to Finish Infrastructure Data Collection JD7 Pipeline Assessment Solutions
Leak Detection Services

Water Leak Detection  |  24-Hour Data logging  |  Pipeline Testing

» 24-Hour Data Logging

Data Logging technology is typically used during overnight, quiet hours to automatically collect and analyze possible water leak sounds in normally high traffic and usage areas.

Digital Correlating Data Loggers can be used as an alternate method of detecting and pinpointing water leaks on most water distribution and fire protection systems.

The advantages of data loggers:
Operate at night to minimize interference of traffic and water usage noise
Multiple data loggers can be used to survey large areas for leaks
Programmable to turn ON multiple times with hours between recordings
Smaller leaks may be more evident during quiet night time hours

While data loggers provide the convenience of automatic data collection and correlation, these units may produce false locations and are not as reliable as leak detection surveys conducted by NYLD Water Loss Specialists.

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