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Pipeline Testing plays a critical role in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of pipeline infrastructures that serve the nation's water transmission and distribution systems. Water is the world's most valuable natural resource and efforts to conserve are of the highest priority.

New York Leak Detection, Inc. has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. assessing and identifying leak locations on new and existing pipeline installations, fire loops, and a wide variety of metallic and non-metallic pressurized water pipes.

Due to the sheer magnitude of underground pipelines installed across the country, it is essential for programs to be in place for monitoring, inspecting, and maintaining water distribution systems.

Clients experiencing pipeline pressure test failures depend on NYLD Water Loss Specialists to assess and locate potential leaks. New pipeline installations must meet strict safety guidelines:

Before being put into service, new pipelines must be hydrostatically pressure tested.
Defects may be discovered that could threaten the pipeline's ability to sustain its maximum operating pressure.
If there are any critical defects in the system, the pipeline will leak and fail a pressure test.
After leaks are located, the pipe can be repaired and retested.
If pipeline meets pressure test guidelines, it passes certification and is put into service.

For more information on other types of pipeline testing, see Water Leak Detection and Fire Flow Testing).

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