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Complete Field to Finish Infrastructure Data Collection JD7 Pipeline Assessment Solutions
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» Video Inspections

Video Inspection units are used by New York Leak Detection Field Specialists to examine the interior condition of pipes using locatable camera heads, as well as to locate non-metallic pipes by use of built-in transmitters.

Video Pipe Inspection provides clients with the information they need for troubleshooting pipe problems, routine inspections, and maintenance of underground infrastructure or building pipe networks:

Key features of video inspection technology include:

Digital video for high definition image display, recording, and playback
High capacity image storage on convenient CompactFlash cards
Ruggedized control head with 6.4" VGA anti-glare TFT LCD screen
Fully locatable with range of Sonde options
Variety of skids and springs for maneuverability in pipe
Audio input for voice over annotation
Rod counter with calibration feature
Operates from DC (vehicle supply) or AC (main power or generator)
1" (25mm) diameter color camera head
Self-leveling 2" (50mm) diameter color camera head

Benefits of video pipe inspections:

Assessment of pipe's structural integrity
Detection of blockages, breaks, or defects
Still image/video footage for client use
First-time mapping or updates

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