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Complete Field to Finish Infrastructure Data Collection JD7 Pipeline Assessment Solutions
Infrastructure Assessment Services

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» Utility Locations

Utility Location inspection services are strongly recommended on projects involving drilling, boring, or excavating to avoid costly damage and repairs to underground pipes and cables.

New York Leak Detection incorporates non-intrusive, non-destructive methods for determining the location of subsurface utilities. Ground Penetrating Radar and other cutting-edge technologies are used to provide due diligence on all subsurface location projects:
Water, Sewer, and Gas Pipelines
Electrical Lines and Conduits
Telecommunication Banks
TV Cables

Trained Field Specialists assist clients with environmental site assessments by conducting thorough utility location investigations. All locatable utilities are marked out on the surface with flags and/or utility-designating color-coded paint.

Our service vans carry the most state-of-the-art equipment for locating documented and non-documented utilities, underground storage tanks (USTs), voids, and all other subsurface anomalies:

250/500/1000 mhz GPR frequencies
Wide range of variable wattage magnetometers
Sonde transmitters on fiberglass rods up to 350' long
Locatable video camera heads
Other required hand tools

Information about the location, direction, and configuration of utilities is valuable to property owners, excavators, engineers, survey crews, and CAD drafters.

New York Leak Detection, Inc. is equipped to provide mapping of located utilities on AutoCAD® digital base maps provided from our customers or created from other sources (see Surveyor Grade Utility Mapping).

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