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» Fire Flow Testing

Fire Flow Testing is a widely used method for estimating the available fire flow from specific fire hydrants within water distribution systems. It is important for communities and industries to regularly test fire hydrants/sprinkler systems to determine their capabilities in an emergency situation. Water systems are constantly impacted by improvements, deterioration, and changes in usage.

Fire Flow Testing is frequently used in the calibration process for a hydraulic water distribution system model to determine roughness coefficients and to find closed valves.

New York Leak Detection, Inc. (NYLD) connects a flow gauge to a test hydrant to measure static and residual pressures:

Static Pressure exists at a given point under normal distribution system conditions measured at the residual (gauge) hydrant with no hydrants flowing.
Residual Pressure exists in the distribution system, measured at the residual (gauge) hydrant at the time the flow readings are taken at the flow hydrant(s).

NYLD flow tests are extremely accurate, with +/- 4 gpm accuracy throughout the range. The electromagnetic flow tester reads static pressure, dynamic pressure, instantaneous flow, and total flow.

NYLD equipment measures flow from 8 to 792 gpm and maximum pressure to 362 psi on a digital readout.

Fire flow test data provides necessary information for water service planners, fire protection bureaus, and building designers. Design professionals use the gallons per minute and pressure available from the water system when drawing sprinkler system plans.

Fire flow testing can uncover a number of mechanical problems so they can be repaired before the hydrant/sprinkler system is needed in an emergency.

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